This pre-course segment informs the Learner of the important information contained in the ‘Learner Handbook for Online Learning’. Although all learners have received this Handbook prior to commencing with this Programme, it is essential that they are thoroughly familiar with the contents thereof. A Learner Declaration is required to be submitted for each Learner prior to the commencement of the Online Learning Component of the Programme. 
By submitting a Learner Declaration, learners acknowledge that they have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions stipulated in the Learner Handbook. Learners will not be able to proceed with the Programme unless they have submitted a Learner Declaration.

Please open the attached PDF Document and read through it. If this document is not accessed you will not be able to proceed to the next section.

On completion of the Customer Service Agent / Passenger Ground Handling training course, learners will be eligible to apply for ground positions within the aviation and travel industries.

These areas include: Meet and Greets, Check-in, Boarding, Arrivals and / or reservations.  Chances of employment are increased as most handling agents want to employ staff members who have Airline knowledge.

On successful completion of course, the learner will be presented with Customer Sevice Agent Certificates indicating competence.

The duration of the online component of this Course is 45 Days followed by one week classroom based training. Theoretical and practical assessments will take place during this one week period.